Girjás Adventure

Girjas Adventure is a business association owned by the members of Girjas Sameby (Sami district). We work with tourism on the conditions of the reindeer herding industry and the Sami district. Our objective is to spread knowledge and understanding about reindeer herding and the Sami culture.

Girjas Sameby has the right to herd reindeer in a geographical area within the municipality of Gällivare, in the county of Norrbotten. In Girjas Sameby there are 24 herders who are responsible for reindeer herding issues and sameby issues. Except the reindeer herders there are 94 other members who are entitled to own and herd reindeer.

Many of the guides have reindeer herding as their main source of income. They know the countryside very well since the mountains and the forest are their working place. We also have other experienced people to help.

Cooperation companies
Nikkaluokta Sarri AB
Gellivare Lappland
Kiruna Lappland


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